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Insurance Innovation.

Insurance Innovation Partners (IIP Group) specializes in life, annuity, and A&H insurance product design, development and distribution. IIP Group partners with insurers, reinsurers and distributors seeking to enter new markets or re-imagine an existing product or portfolio.

Full Stack Solutions

  • Optional access to proprietary indices to ensure product designs perform above expections
  • Custom & Unique Product Designs
  • Included in proprietary buildsFull Tech Stack: Quoting, Prequalification Screener, and eApp
  • Tech Stack concept to market within an average of 120 days (less for legacy application conversions)

What we excel at

Over the years, IIP Group’s business has grown from a boutique consultancy firm to now include
  • extensive product design and development capabilities providing innovative Life, Annuity and A&H product designs that SELL- because they simply meet an unmet market need
  • a nationally licensed Life, Accident & Health, and Property & Casualty insurance agency
  • an AI/ML powered InsurTech software development company, Insurance Software Automation.
40k policies issued in under 3 years

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Accelerating InsurTech Innovation

an IIP Group company

IIP also provides an integrated AI/ML powered InsurTech platform through our subsidiary, Insurance Software Automation.

Insurance Software Automation offers a full-stack technology platform including e-App development, Health-based pre-qualification, product quoting, and integrated underwriting. This platform enables the development of accelerated underwriting and/or instant issue insurance products, at scale. Our product design expertise and industry leading technology results in concept-to-market timelines of less than 120 days. Legacy application to e-app conversions can usually be completed in 60 days or less.

Unique product designs, quoting, pre-qualification underwriting screens, and a customized e-app are all INCLUDED as part of any proprietary insurance product build.  

IIP also provides solutions for insurers interested in digitizing legacy application processes, providing mobile e-app solutions, and improving e-app pull through, persistency, and profitability. Our solutions are fast, intuitive, and affordable.

For agents, our flagship product called Best Plan Pro, is Insurance Software Automation’s patent pending, smart recommendation engine.  Best Plan Pro analyzes inputs and recommends which insurance product has the highest probability of being issued as applied for by processing medical and non-medical underwriting factors, saving agents and their clients time, and drastically reducing declined applications.

For insurers, we provide a number of unique tools including our Underwriting Pre-screen tool, ensuring applicants are medically qualified for the insurance BEFORE they apply, saving agents time and the carrier money. We also have a great advertising and recruitment venue for carriers launching new products or IMO’s recruiting agents.

More information about Insurance Software Automation can be found at

The Executive Team

Jim Higgins, CEO and Managing Director – is an accomplished senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the life, accident and health insurance industry. He possesses a unique combination of carrier level strategic planning, operations, product development and marketing expertise, along with both US and international MGA and financial institution distribution experience.

A pioneer in the deployment of e-quote thru e-policy technology, Mr. Higgins has held executive level positions at USLife Corporation, JPMorgan Chase Insurance Group, HSBC Insurance Group, USA, Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd, and Crum & Forster’s Accident & Health division.  See Jim’s Linked In profile.

Bill Tyson, CMO and Managing Director – has a 30+ year track record of building and managing multi-channel, multi-line insurance businesses using a variety of distribution models, technology platforms and data driven marketing, both domestically and internationally. He is a seasoned global insurance executive having excelled at several Fortune 500 companies (including AIG, CIGNA, CIGNA International, Jardine Matheson and more recently, Swiss Re – New Solutions Group).

In the past 5 years, he has been busy commercializing new InsurTech solutions that leverage emerging technologies including the Internet of Things, block chain, digital marketing, accelerated underwriting applications, behavioral science techniques and a variety of digital solutions across the entire (re) insurance value chain.  See Bill’s Linked In profile.

John Spinner, Senior Partner and National Sales Director – started his insurance career in 2006 as a Life and Health agent. John transitioned into management, where he spent the first half of his career in Territory/Regional Sales management roles. John left corporate insurance management in 2013 to co-found Innovative Insurance Brokers Inc.(currently doing business as Innovative Financial Group). Since that time, Innovative Financial Group has become one of the largest and fastest growing insurance marketing organizations in the country, more than doubling in annual insurance premium and sales force each year in business. Under John’s leadership, Innovative Financial Group grew to 4500 agents, and issued paid over $100 million in total insurance premium across all product lines in 2018. At the end of 2018 John decided to sell his interests in Innovative Financial Group to his partners and has joined IIP Group as a Senior Partner and National Sales Director.

Zachary Bornheimer, CTO – is a specialist in algorithms and data structures with experience in more than 10 programming languages.  The developer of the Underwriting Calculator BestPlanPro and its internal languages and algorithms, Bornheimer’s pattern-based approach to complex issues has shown effectiveness in the areas of theoretical corpus linguistics and natural language processing with his creativity finding synergy in procedural and complex business solutions.  Bornheimer received both his undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of South Florida where his research into pattern-based corpus linguistics culminated in the development of his theory of Linguistic Fusion, a Discovery Procedure, Unification Theory, and Formation Theory for all Human Languages.  Bornheimer’s unique overlap in business, programming, and background in creative expression provides a system-driven approach to business solutions where technology is a means to an end.

Starting with Why

With over 80 years of combined expertise in life, accident and health insurance product development and distribution, the principals at IIP Group believe the time to transform this industry is now. We partner with insurance companies, distributors, affinity sponsors, TPA’s and InsurTech providers to develop relevant, innovative product designs, seamless digital application and underwriting processes and unique distribution opportunities, at scale. Our focus is on maximizing the value exchange between insurers, distributors and consumers – a win-win-win for all parties.

4 Strategic Themes

Our approach to industry transformation is based on identifying then exploiting niche market opportunities.  We integrate best in class technology into our projects, create distinct points of differentiation and focus on four principal strategic themes: Niche product development; Multi-channel distribution; Automation and an Ecosystem.

By focusing on these 4 themes, we provide agile, strategic leadership which supports the transformation of the insurance industry, one project at a time.

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